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How to Build Powerful Visual Branding For Your Business?

Visual Branding can have an impressive effect on your brand performance. Branding your business visually helps your potential clients in finding you and your products.

According to the Social Science Research Network, 65% of people are visual learners and process the information based on what we see. Due to this many businesses invest highly in visual branding and creating brand identity in the market.

Visual, auditory and kinaesthetic learner data

Visual branding for companies is not just limited to creating a logo, business card, and photo, It is much more than that. A brand that tells a story through its visuals reaches more customers and in the process increases its brand awareness as well as loyalty. All these elements constitute and become what we call a successful business.

When it comes to creating the branding strategy you need to ask yourself a few questions. How do you stand apart from your competitors? How do you develop a brand identity that tells an amazing story visually? And much more. In this article, we will answer all these questions but before that let’s find out what is visual branding?

What is Visual Branding?

Visual branding can be defined as marketing your businesses using visual elements. The most important part of visual branding is the logo. Your business logo is much bigger than what you think. It is a business image, value, and everything.

Most people starting a business simply ignore the use of a professional logo design to save a few bucks. But, they miss out on a very important point and that is branding.

Branding is how your customers interact with your company graphics. You can have the most beautiful graphic poster design about your business but if it does not have your logo than its just a waste of your money. Why? Because how are the viewers supposed to connect the design with your business. You get my point!

Visual branding is not just limited to the logo, it is just the first level of visual branding. It exceeds everything related to your business like your website, typography, symbol, color, etc. So for a startup, graphic design is important especially for startup growth.

Graphics play a very important part of the visual branding strategy. You cannot have a visual branding strategy without designs. Now let’s talk about how to build powerful visual branding for your business.

Identify Your Target Audience

It is absolutely necessary for you to know who are your customers. Many new businesses do not draw a boundary between their customers and their non-customers and end up in huge losses.

Businesses who fail to address their audience with content or products that they like fail within a year of its establishment. Each year around 49+ million businesses are established and 90% of them fails, meaning 44+ million business are out of service.

The primary reason for the failure is either the audience does not like the product and the business owners ignored the market needs.

The best example is Segway invented by Dean Kamen in 2001. Deam thought about this product as a revolutionary product that is supposed to replace traditional cars and bikes. It is supposed to give people a new way of transportation.

Did Segway was able to replace cars and bikes? NO! Never! Why? Because a car is something that has now become a basic need at least in the United States. Some people spend all of their life earning to own a luxury car, the reason being is status.

Psychology plays a very important role in business, more than what you think. So much so that business hires psychologist to access the emotional impact of their product on the customers.

In the 1960s, McDonald’s hired psychologist Louis Cheskin to access their logo. Louis Cheskin suggested a logo design idea to use breast-shaped arches in the “M”. It is hidden but can get registered on a sub-conscious level making it highly influential. 

History of McDonald's Logo Design

The idea behind the breast-shaped arches is to remind the viewer of their childhood when the source of nourishment was just breast milk. McDonald’s motivation behind this was to become the basic need of its customers.

McDonald’s and many other successful businesses are successful because they know who their target audience is and how to serve them.

Define your Brand Personality

For an entrepreneur his business is everything. He puts his efforts, blood, and sweat into his business and tries to grow businesses with a “J” curve. There are certain characteristics that help him in achieving his success. These characteristics build into what we call brand personality.

What comes to your mind when I say Apple iPhone?

Advance Technology, great design, sophistication, premium, and other similar thoughts. It has now become a status symbol for people to carry an iPhone.

Apple Inc. sells its products with a huge price tag, yet they rank among the topmost corporations in the world. Why? Because people know the personality of Apple products.

They are aware if they buy an Apple product they will receive a quality product with an amazing experience. Apple’s brand personality is about passion, hope, dreams, liberty and lifestyle needs.  

Apple Brand Personality

Defining your brand personality helps you in addressing a very important question. How you should feel when you buy my product? If you can create a brand personality in the market than you do not need a huge marketing budget, your products sell automatically.

Stylize your Presence

It is no brainer how important is Social Media for businesses and startups. If you are not using Social Media that you are doomed. Social Media can help your business in achieving new heights that you have reached never before.

You just need one viral social media post to increase your website traffic by 1000 times. Businesses use viral ads to increase their sales, again they tap into basic human psychology and come up with a strategy that motivates people to share, research, like, comment on the social media post.

One of the basic needs for social media is building your profile around consistently. Your post, videos, and images must be consistent that help your business to attract more clients. All your social media accounts must have some connecting points that motivate the user in browsing all the profiles.

You should stylize your presence in the market with a quality design on all your social media. So, investing in good graphic design services for your brand is a must.

Tell Your Story using Visuals

Everyone has a story, every business has a story. A story is a great way to connect with others. Humans are social animals, they have a community that connects with each other to grow and prosper.

The story is a prominent way to connect with one another. Think about your friends and why they are your friends. Chances are you connect with them on something that is common between you and them. That’s a story right there. Isn’t it?

Now, how to use this in your business?

Telling your story with you being a hero and savior of the situation can make people like you. Storytelling is a skill where you tell a story and takes the listeners on a journey of an emotional rollercoaster.

When done right, you can create a strong emotion with your customers. Your customers trust you, believe you, love you. That’s all you need.

Take this example of Life Paint ad by Volvo. Here they have beautifully addressed a problem that involves life and death situations of cyclists in the UK. If you live in the UK and ever experienced an accident while riding a cycle then you instantly connect with the ad.

In the above video, every time you see a cyclist close contact with a car, you get triggered with fear, anxiety and your heart tends to pounder faster. As a savior, the life paint product created by Volvo comes into rescue and you get relaxed and happy.

You are now connected with the product and hence the brand. That how the whole advertisement industry works. They connect with people’s emotions through a compelling story that involves a problem and their product as the solution.

Brand Name and Identity

Branding is nothing without a name and identity. It defines your business purpose, sense and clarifies what you do to your customers.

Often a user associates a product with an abbreviation to make it easy for him to remember, he uses it every time he mentions your product with friends, family or other people.

Let’s take the example of Google. Google is a search engine that helps you in searching for anything and everything. Therefore, whenever you want to find something, you do not say, let’s search it but you refer the search action with Google.

You say- “Let’s Google it”

This kind of brand name and identity helps your business in becoming a brand and successful product. The most important part of building a brand name and identity is logo design, tagline, product, service and much more.

Google’s mission is to provide its user with a customer-oriented product by organizing the world’s information with one thing in mind, relevancy.

Choose the Color Pallet Wisely

Color is a very important part of building a brand image. Your goal is to keep it consistent throughout your channels like website, poster, banner, social media, etc to ensure you do not get lost.

Your brand color is as important as your brand name. There are only a few species that can see color and humans are the only species that can see such vivid colors.

Color affects us on a psychological level, influencing your sub-conscious mind. Understanding color psychology and branding your business based on color helps your brand in leaving a remarkable impression.

Showcase your Personal Brand

In Marketing there is a saying-

“If you see a brand or product at least 7 times then the person is most likely to buy that product”

This saying holds very true. It actually involves the sub-conscious mind that gets triggered every time you see that brand or product.

Standing out from your competitors is necessary for your business to grow exponentially. Building a personal brand that connects with customers on a personal level helps your brand in creating a space in the customer’s heart.

Big brands spend millions of dollars each year in advertising and promotion to display their product. You can have a small business with a limited budget and yet you can beat big brands.

There are a lot of ways you can showcase your brand on the personal level which is as follows-

Personal branding is not just limited to distributing products for free but, it is about providing value. So, plan a strategy that can provide greater value to your customers.

How Visual Branding Helps your Brand?

A visual element helps your brand to get registered faster and in the most effective way. It helps in creating trust and customer loyalty throughout his/her life. It creats originality among your customers and a feeling of authenticity which is a building block of brand image.

Using different channels for visual branding helps in delivering your message fast and with relevancy. Social media is one such channel that uses visual graphics to increase engagement with your brand.

Almost everyone has a social presence, making it the best channel for branding your business. The content shared on social media is visual in nature hence, it is evident that if you want your business to have J-curve, you need to have visual branding on point.