Top 10 Best Web Design Trends for 2020

Web design trends are one of the most volatile factors that influence the graphic design industry. In 2020, people are setting new trends, reviving old design concepts, innovating new ideas and doing all the crazy stuff.

Cultural changes and new technological advancements influence the design trends highly. Businesses pay firm attention to these changing design trends and come up with new designs or strategies satisfying these trends.

The problem with the design trends is they change a lot. Every year there are different trends that can be overwhelming for you to incorporate into your designs.

But on the positive side, the changing trends provide your customers with fresh and innovative designs. They won’t be seeing the same design over and over again, which makes it interesting as per the viewer’s perspective.

Keeping yourself updated with these changing trends can be difficult. So, we’ve curated these trends for you, that you can notice famous brands are already using. In this article, we have a list of the top 10 best web design trends for 2020 that can rule over the graphic design industry.

Illustration in Design

Illustration has been there for a long time primarily used in paintings, concept arts, medical, scientific illustrations and other areas of art and crafts but, using illustrations in web design is a recent phenomenon.

Illustration helps define a text or concept through visual means, making it one of the best design elements to use. There are a lot of studies conducted that prove that using visual imagery influences the viewer. Around 65% of the population are visual learners, so utilizing visual tools for your brand design makes much more sense.

If you want to understand the illustration designs, you can look at a different painting of Picasso. Most of the works of Picasso are Abstract Illustrations.

Using illustration design in the modern day can add a personal touch to your brand image. It can help you to stand out from the crowd and build your own image. When it comes to duplicating your illustrations, it becomes extremely difficult to do so because of the individuality of each and every angle of the design.

Some of the illustration design concepts that famous brands use are shown below-

Uber using illustrations
Uber uses Illustrations in website design
Rebel Mouse usign illustrations
RebelMouse uses Illustrations in website design

Animations in Web Design Trends

Animation in design is a new concept that can add liveliness to your design concepts. These types of designs are soon going to be all over the internet.

Animation instantly grabs your attention and you enjoy looking at it. A design like this can get instant attention from the viewers and make them stay on the website for a longer time.

Earlier for any type of effect in the web design, developers have to rely on the flash that can make the website heavy and slow. But, now effects and animation can be used using CSS only to make it possible for everyone.

Bright Media’s website uses CSS animation to its best. You can see how the website effect grabs your attention. They use sound and animations to create an experience that you cannot forget.

Bright Media using Animations

Cafe Coffee Day website using animations
Cafe Coffee Day Website using Animations

Color Gradients

Colors are the most essential part of any design. The importance of the colors can be understood by the effect it creates within the mind. Red color universally is considered to be a sign of danger and warning whereas green color is often associated with prosperity, easy-going and natural. 

In website design, ultra minimalistic and whitespace had been used a lot. In 2020, this trend seems to be slowing down as the problem with minimalism and white space is, it’s boring. The design cannot express much of a character using the design.

The gradients add personality to the design making it more attractive to the eyes. The color range that gradients offer creates an interesting mixture.

You can use gradients in multiple ways to bring your website design. You can use the gradients as a background-color as Spotify uses for their website or can use gradients in CTA, the possibility with a gradient color design is endless. This makes it one of the best web design trends of 2020.

Spotify using Gradients
GogoRu using Gradients

Background Video

Background video is not going anywhere. This trend has been around for a few years now, but there is no sign of degradation in its popularity.

People are always in a hurry and they want to get what they came for as soon as possible. A video helps you in delivering messages fast, engaging customers, entertaining visitors and adding a lot of value to your website.

 There are many famous brands that use background videos on their websites like national geography, Uber Elevate, Activision and much more.

Uber-Elevate using Background video
Activision using Background Video
National Geograpic using Background video

Design That Drives Emotions

Every website uses some kind of emotion to attract customers. Emotions are a very powerful driving force that can rage wars or stop them. Everyone, whether men or women are highly influenced by their emotions. The majority of the decisions made by them are based on the emotion they are feeling at that moment.

The design has a lot to do with influencing your emotions. It is a way of communicating the underlying information through different design elements. Elements like the text size, the typeface used, Color Psychology affects our emotions, for example, the color red is associated with the danger hence used in the close button.

Nutrir website using Emotional deisgn
Nutrir Website using Emotional Design

3D Designs

Using 3D elements is a website design that is a very new concept. Earlier the website used only 2D elements in their website design but as we achieve new technological advancements we tend to grow and improve.

3D elements in website design add uniqueness to the design which makes it very attractive. Viewers tend to spend more time on the website that adds popularity to them.

Marc Mendell using 3D elements
Marc Mendell using 3D elements

One of the best website designs that use both animation and 3D elements to enhance the user experience is done by Acko. The design is so good that it forces you to spend more time on the website playing and looking at the animation.

Acko using 3D elements with Animation

It feels like you are about to watch a movie which makes it even more appealing to your eyes. When you see a design like this, you tend to trust their service or products. So, investing in website design or any other graphic design services can provide your business with a huge return in the long term.

Dark UI

Dark UI is not becoming a favorite choice of big brands for many reasons. Dark UI adds a uniqueness to the design as well as enhancing the user experience. In the darkness, a white color strains the eyes and for the user, it becomes uncomfortable but, a dark color is high on the luminosity scale making it comfortable for the eyes both on lighting as well as dark conditions.

The majority of people like to surf the web using their mobile due to its convenience. Dark UI enhances the user experience for people using mobile devices. Big brands like Apple Inc. use dark UI in their website designs.

Apple website using Dark UI
Apple Website using Dark UI

Hand Written Font Design

Handwritten font adds an excellent human touch to the design. One thing that lacks in any design is a personal touch. Adding an imperfect font or design can add personality and personalized design.

The year 2020 is all about adding personality and adding custom style to design. Many startups are using imperfections in their designs to add personality and human touch to their business. Handwritten fonts are mostly used in logo design but, it slowly entering into the website design.

Bold Title

Bold Title or heavy simple font is going to be used more and more. The bold typeface brings contrast and drama into the picture making it stand out from the overall design. The message you want to deliver gets across quickly and boldly without any distractions.

Some of the brand using this design concepts are as follows-

Pepsi using Bold Headline
Burger King website using bold text
Burger King using Bold Title in website design

Linear Style Web Design Trends

The linear style of web design trends is the design trend that has a continuous structure. Traditionally, the websites are divided into many sections, each having a distinct look. However, linear style design is one continuous layout that does not get cut by any section.

This section based web design was used for a long time but now a linear design trend has taken over. Many websites are using linear designs for their website.

CrazyEgg using linear website style
CrazyEgg uses Linear website design style
Angry Bird using Linear website design Trends
Angry Bird using Linear website design Trends


Some of the design trends are already being used and you might have seen it used by many big brands and some of the concepts can be new. You can implement these design trends into your design but before you do that, you have to find, is it helpful for the user.

The purpose of the design is to enhance the information visually and make it easier for people to understand the website. If your web design does that, good, if not, you should optimize your design and come up with something that enhances user experience.