Top 10 Real Estate Logo Design Trends In 2020

It’s 2020 and the last year of the decade, which makes it a special and very important year. This year will define what the next trends are and what new things we might see. This article focuses on the real estate logo design trends of 2020.

Real estate is the most prominent industry with global recognition. In any country, real estate participates significantly in its GDP. The real estate industry is forever green and provides very good opportunities to grow and expand.

A logo for businesses is the most important factor as it helps in a variety of ways like marketing, branding etc. Real Estate business relies heavily on marketing and advertising to get customers. Using an effective logo helps businesses in acquiring customer’s attention and influences them to get your services.

With time, things change and the real estate industry is no different. Earlier, the industry used the same old boring designs which show the more professional side of a business. But now, customers expect a more personalized and friendly approach towards any business service, therefore many businesses are using elements that personalize the customer experience.

In 2020, real estate logo design trends changed with a lot of room for innovation and use of the personal style of the designers. The following are the logo design inspirations for the real estate logo that you can expect for the year 2020-

3D Logo

3D logos are growing in trend now in 2020, not only for real estate logos but as a general trend. This type of logo creates a visual definition in the logo. This type of logo really defines the in-depth meaning of the logo that you want to convey to your customers.

This logo feels premium, and especially professional with a touch of specialness to it. You can use this logo if you want to do something different and personalize it based on your liking.

You can use shadows or color gradients to get your 3D logo. Using 3D effect especially tapered gradient that highlights the color difference between the logo can help the logo get the desirable 3D logo effect.

A 3D logo might not be a good choice for print designs but for websites, digital billboards and other digital media it is the best option as a logo design.

Animated Logo

Animated logo is one of the best logos for personalization as it speaks directly to you with its motion effects. It can grab instant attention when you look at it.

Animated logo is a modern approach to a traditional logo design by adding moving elements into them. Since most of the businesses are turning digital, requirements of them are changing as well, like using motion elements to talk to the customers.

You can express what you do by using an animated logo design. The year 2020 might experience an animated logo boom as new startups and businesses are adopting new trends and options for their logos. 

It is best for real estate logo design as most of the logo designed earlier do not use animation which makes it boring and unpleasant to look at it again and again. So, using an animated logo helps your customers to discover a different meaning every time they look at your logo.  

Custom Typography

Custom type face fonts are the best way of creating a visual identity that acts as a voice for your brand. You can reveal a lot about your brand using this style of customizing a logo. It offers a more controlled and modern approach towards your logo.

Every individual has different handwriting which appeals differently to different people. Using custom font acts similarly which gives a lot of room to interpret the design differently. This enables the businesses to personalize their logo and enhance the approach-ability of the logo design. 

The best part of using the custom typography is the use of a handwritten design. The real estate logo traditionally uses more of a professional typeface like Garamond, Baskerville, Didot etc. to add professionalism to their design. But you can add a lot more than just professionalism using your custom typeface.

Since we are already noticing the changing market trend of a more customer-centric approach to running a business, the year 2020 is more likely to use more and more custom typefaces in their logo designs.

Gradient Color

Gradient color is the best way to create a visual enigma and enhance the ability of the design to attract attention. Modern design is all about grabbing the attention of the customer a little longer. This is due to the fact that people are bombarded with different information and holding the attention of the customers for a little longer helps business in influencing them better.

A design element like this optimizes the performance of the design and approach-ability of the design. Instagram uses the gradient color in their logo design.

Using gradients in a real estate logo design can be very challenging. You can use transparent gradient which is minimalism and is one of the trending design concepts out there.

If you seek professional logo design services for your real estate logo and you want to use the gradient, then it becomes essential for you to be very smart about it. Color psychologically affects the customer therefore, it is very important for you to choose the color based on the customers psychological delineation.

Use of Elements

Different elements constitute and form a logo design. These elements depict the business nature and visually tell a story of what business does.

For a real estate business, you can add elements like a Property, House, Apartments, and Building etc. along with other elements like typography, color, whitespace etc.

Traditionally, logos use these elements to form a logo and this practice is not likely to go down especially for business that does not have any room to go out of the industry like a real estate industry.

You can incorporate elements into your design by either adding it to your typeface or separately adding it like abstract logos.

Business that does not use elements that define their business then the business name must define what they do otherwise it could confuse the general public. It is best practice in logo design to add business elements into the logo.

Imperfect logo

Everyone wants the perfect thing in their life especially a businessman, who had spent his life worth of resources into building the business. But, what’s perfect? Who’s perfect?

Ask yourself, are you perfect? There is nothing man-made that we can call perfect. Even humans are imperfect. There is no scale or graph that defines perfection. Similarly, any design that uses perfection can easily get skipped while looking. But, if there is some imperfection in the logo, it can get registered in the mind. Imperfection helps you to get noticed easily and faster.

It establishes yourself differently and creates a uniqueness which differentiates you from others. The real estate industry is a competitive market and can experience tough competition. When you establish yourself as a unique brand then, you are more likely to get customer attention.

Using imperfect logo as your real estate logo design is very tough and only experienced freelance graphic designers can incorporate the imperfection in the logo beautifully. So, investing in a quality and experienced designer will help you in getting the best results for your logo need.

Minimalistic logo

Minimalism is sophistication on steroids and you can get much better results than any design that is complex. A minimalistic approach to your logo needs is the best way to express your elegance and coherence business sense.

The best example of minimalistic design is the Apple Inc. logo that just uses a half eaten apple. This type of logo creates a brand identity that speaks for itself via its design.

A real estate logo design using minimal logo design concept can appeal to each and every criteria of people. Whether it’s a rich, middle class, women, men anyone can feel good about this logo.

You not only can use minimal designs for your logo but also for other graphic designs. This will help you in keeping your graphic design services simple and fast.

Metallic Effects

A real state logo design must possess exclusivity and special appearance to them which can be achieved by using a metallic effect. You can even use color gradients to increase the appeal to this effect.

Metallic effects with gold, silver or any other color add a lot of exclusivity and elegance to the logo design. This type of logo is best suited for anything printable as the logo gets mesmerizing and individualized when the light hits its surface.

You can use this logo not only on your website but also on other business promotion stuff like on Business card design, flyers, poster, catalog etc.

Design Effects

Effects in graphic design are like what makeup is to women. It beatifies the design and adds charm to it. There are multiple effects that you can expect to see going into a real estate logo design.

These types of logo effects add a different nature and enigma to it which can be interpreted differently every time you look at them.

One of the most controversial effects that recently took over the graphic design world is glitches, ruined effects etc. This adds character to the design which tells a different story.

Old-School Logo Designs

Ever heard the saying “Old is Gold”, well! It’s true.

There is nothing more interesting than getting the older design trends to rise back into fashion. Many businesses are using this type of logo to explore their customer’s nostalgic nature.

Old school logos are antique, awesome, and retro which is the modern way of saying cool. The design industry always pushes up designs that are rare and unique and this trend which was supposed to die is again a 2020 trend.

Real Estate Logo Design Trends 2020

End of a very great decade and beginning of a hopeful decade. These real estate logo design trends 2020 are the latest design trends that are about to take over the real estate industry. It’s up to time, whether the trends will fail or pass, as new design for the real estate industry in the year 2020 and thereafter.