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7 Tips to Win Graphic Design Contest

Graphic designing is a skill that is unique to every individual, which makes it more challenging to express in front of others. Delivering a design that is liked by the client is really hard and requires years of experience. For a beginner, it becomes impossible to win a graphic design contest. They might be delivering the best designs, but still, their designs are not selected.

Often clients are not searching for creative or beautiful graphics, but a professional one that suits their brand image. These tips will help you in delivering the logo that is client-oriented and helps you in winning a graphic design contest.

Sharpen Your Skill

Your designing skill is your asset and sharpens it like a hunter sharpens his blade. Make your every design project a learning path and every setback as a learning curve. This way you will be able to achieve the pinnacle of the design and outsmart your competition every time. Skills like creativity, typography, effective use of white space, etc.

Work on Client Requirements

The Client brief is a holy grail for you that you must follow. The instruction, color scheme, typography, and other designing elements must be according to the client’s needs. You can use the example images provided by the client. Use all the resources provided by the client and create a graphic that the client wants.


Research is the best way to get a result that the client likes. Analyzing client competitors or searching for the industry standards for designing a logo. After getting all the analyses done, create something that looks better than others. The best tools for research are Google, Google images and Pinterest.

Provide Variations

Who doesn’t like options to choose from? The design contest is full of creative designs and it is difficult for you to highlight your design. But, when you provide variations to the client, it shows professionalism in your design art. It shows the client that your graphics are versatile and can be molded to the needs.

Get Inspirations

There will be times when you will get stuck. At that time, there are a lot of design inspirations that can help you in getting the results. Even the best of the designers get stuck sometimes. So, it is ok to be stuck. If you find yourself stuck then the best way to get out of that is by taking inspiration from other’s work.

Keep Going

Consistency is the key to mastering anything. If you work hard and keep going with your work, one day it becomes your second nature. You will do it naturally and will excel at it. If all these tips and hard work are backed up by consistency, then the result will be the best.

Focus on your Strength

Everyone has some specialty which makes them unique. Discover your unique traits, what you are good at and try to improve them. Your strengths could be anything like logo design, business card design, etc.


The feeling of victory in your endeavors is the best emotion you can feel in the world. With the right approach, you can earn a good living with your logo design contest skills. Every new day can offer you a new experience and every new day can teach you a different life lesson. So, keep learning and keep