How to Design an Business card that attracts customer

How to Design an Effective Business Cards That Attracts Customers?

A business card is your personal introduction to the receiver of the card. It showcases relevant information and portrays your personality. Business cards are a traditional marketing tool that works wonders still to this day.

A business card is important but another important aspect of a business card is the design. Hence, in this article, you will learn how to design business cards that attract customers.

Make It Unique

If you are a professional business then you know the importance of standing out and how to attract people because you provide something that others cannot. The same applies everywhere even for your business card.

Generally, when you distribute your business card in an event or party your business card gets ignored and ends up in the dustbin. If you want to make your business card land in your customer’s pocket then you must use effective business card designs that attract customers.

Simple yet Effective

Minimal designs are sophisticated and look way more professional then the overdone designs. The Simplicity comes from the use of Whitespace, typography, logo and other designing elements in a unique manner. Use of two colors, one or two typography, and logo design placement could make your designs very simple but the design would look that lures eyes.

Make It Useful

Useful business cards are more likely to stay with your customers. If you can provide a ruler or a bottle opener inbuilt with your business card then people would use it in their daily chores. This creates an exposure to your name and brand which in turn influences people psychologically into buying from you.

It does not stop here. You can even have their friends and family influence with this idea. Basically, anyone who is using your business card for their chores has a chance that they might read what’s written on it.

Billboards, signboards are placed on the road, buildings, and other places for a reason. If you can pass your personal billboard (Business Card) into your customer home then it is another level of advertising. But, it does not mean you should provide a bottle opener business card when you are a designing company. There must be relevance for the usage of the card.

Inventive Use of Whitespace

Whitespace is a very important part of any design. Whitespace allows other elements to pop out so that they get noticed more. But there are some things that you can do with the whitespace. You can use the whitespace as transparent part or add colors other then the color scheme followed. Just be creative and try your style which brings us to the next point.

Showcase Creativity

Showing creativity with a business card can be challenging. You can only be creative with typography, color, and other designing elements but what if you use something different. 

You can use different shapes of business rather than the traditional rectangular cut or you can use different materials like wood, plastic, metal, etc.

Show Your Purpose

You can showcase your values and your business sense by a professionally crafted business card. When your business card speaks for you that “You Mean Business”, then it conveys a message that you are a professional business. You can even add QR Codes that link back to your site in our business card. This makes it helpful for the cardholder to see your services.

Try Something New

Design trends change from time to time. What’s trending this year might not be trending the next year. Many businesses are likely to stick with one design for years before considering a change in design. You should keep updating with new designs from time to time. You can get a designer who can provide you with a business card design online at a very modest price. 

Alternatively, you can have multiple designs that you can use by mix and matching and see what works best.