Graphic Design: A refined way to visual enticement

Graphic design is all about putting forth an idea in a very creative format that weighs more on visual representation. It can be through words, pictures or graphics while the duration of its experience may vary depending upon the work. Similarly, the graphic design work can also range from a small visiting card to huge billboard, either for an individual or a community at large. It is effectively used in various fields for commercial, business, educational, political or cultural causes.

The success of a design is when a person is able to grasp the motive behind it instantly. Graphic designers are skilled to develop visually striking creatives by arranging images, texts or objects in specific way to look appealing as well as convey certain concept or issue – through posters, newspapers, ads, emails, pamphlets, etc. However there appears a thin line between illustrator and a designer. While the former develops a piece of art based on an idea, the latter creates something in order to put across an idea. Nevertheless, both illustrator and designer are quite capable to handle each other’s work efficiently – such that an illustrator can design well while a designer is talented enough to do illustration work.

Graphic Design: Where & How it Works?

Graphic design has a vast platform and it can be seen in motion films, books or magazines, televisions, online, advertisements, product packages, mobile applications and many more things. Graphic designer, hence, are very much in huge demand and their services are extended to different professions and businesses. Owing to technological advancements and ever changing market trends, there is especially big scope for famous graphic designers to meet wider client base.

The factors of graphic designing vary different mediums. For instance, the motion graphics is prefixed only in the beginning of a film video and incorporates audio and moving objects, images or texts. Whereas in a book, the content is given preference over the design, and in a magazine, the content and design mostly go hand-in-hand to give an attractive outlook.

Different Facets of Graphic Design:


Branding Design:

It is mostly used to throw limelight over a company or brand in particular. It involves designing creatives for advertisements and promotional purposes – like, posters, billboards, pamphlets, video commercials and related things that will highlight the company and its brand. Logos are very important and integral part of this type of designing.

Product Design:

One should not get confused with this with the design of commercial items. This is actually implied for digital products, tools or applications and designers need to have sound technical knowledge and information about computers, software, display information and interface while dealing with the design aspect.

Environmental Graphic Design:

Also known as EGD or way finding, it is referred to signage and branding that one can come across on buildings, public parks, side roads, theaters or on highways. The design aspect has greater responsibility to convey an important message or information to a larger section of people, in terms of navigation or landmarks or directions.

Interaction Design:

This mostly used in screen interfaces or in display devices where the content gets changed constantly. The designs here changes on terms of user or viewer’s actions like in smartphones or websites. In certain cases, the digital designs change information rapidly, which is also called as data visualization, and includes interfaces that are both interactive as well as non-interactive.

A professional graphic designer works depending upon project assigned and would have to deal with all these above mentioned works in his career journey. A graphic design team is mostly put in place in big companies, reputed agencies or leading studios, whereas smaller organisations or studios will employ a single multi-talented expert, in-house. Similarly, some companies would have small projects that wouldn’t require full time design team or creative individual; for them there is always an option to go for famous graphic designers who are readily available in large numbers in the industry.

On another note, it is acceptable to gain knowledge in a specific field to have a design job. However it is very essential to equip oneself with profound cognizance in multiple areas of designing to have a career in the design domain.

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