Different Types of Logos and How to Use Them?

Different Types of Logos and How to Use Them?

Logo is a quintessential part of any business. A logo embodies your business and shows everything your business is about. Logos cannot be overlooked which brings us to “What is a logo?”

A logo is a blend of images and text placed in such a way that creates a unique touch and feel. A Logo can be distinguished into different types of logos. Each type of logo has different privileges associated with them.

In this article, we will discover different types of logos, various features associated with them and what it takes to create a perfect logo.

Monogram Logo

Simplicity is the key to these types of logo designs. Monogram or lettermark logo designs consist of letters and initials concerning the business name. 

Why Choose Monogram Logo type?

You can choose monogram logo designs as these designs have certain features which are as follows-

  • Your business name is longer 
  • Your business can be modeled into an acronym
  • Your business is a family business
  • Your business covers the global market
  • When Not To Use Monogram Logo?

Things to consider

A Lettermark logo utilizes letters as their brand logo so it becomes very important to choose the font style and typography very notably. The other aspect to consider is uniqueness in the logo.

Pictorial Logo

Pictorial marks or symbol logos are those logos that contain a symbol precisely signifying something special about the business. This type of logo has instant brand recognition making it a little tricky for new companies. 

Why Choose Pictorial Logo type?

Pictorial Logo has some unique characteristics attached to it which is as follows-

  • If your business name has some silent features you can highlight it through image
  • Brand recall value is very important in this logo 

Things to consider 

Pictorial logos contain huge recall values connected to it. Choosing the image in the logo becomes a very delicate subject which should be very well researched. 

Abstract Logo

Abstract Logo is a pictorial logo form that uses a geometric symbol to represent the logo. This logo design consolidates your brand image into a form that can become your identity.

Why Choose Abstract Logo type?

The Abstract logo comes with a particular feature that makes it ideal for the business with the following characteristics-

  • It summarizes your brand image into a single personality
  • You can create something unique and can build a distinct feature
  • It is best suitable for those brands who want to last an impression

Things to consider

While choosing an abstract logo you should use certain logo design features like creativity, uniqueness, and simplicity. Exploring these varieties can be a little risky as something different can appear that is different from your business.

Emblem Logo

Emblem logo uses symbols in a seal, badge or crest form. It’s a traditional logo that gives it a royal and premium touch to it. These logos being traditional do not mean it is out of trend but has its own market. They are usually the best choice for many schools, organizations or government agencies.

Why Choose Emblem Logo type?

Emblem Logo has a distinct feature that makes it fitting for the business with the following characteristics-

  • Businesses with a cult-based brand image
  • Business with Old fashioned style
  • Businesses with authority in the industry

Things to consider

Emblem designs are the traditional designs which make it hard for a modern business to adapt. Emblem uses a badge, seal, and crest style which makes it a cult based brand logo. Usually, these logos have a huge fan following like Harley Davidson, Starbucks, etc.

Mascot Logo 

Mascot literally means a person or thing that brings good luck. It is the best way to create a unique persona around your brand. A Brand uses the illustration of the mascot in the logo which differentiates them from others. 

Why Choose Mascot Logo type?

You can choose a mascot logo if your brand has the following features-

  • If you want to include a lucky charm into your logo
  • If our business is for families as it helps in connecting with people.

Things to consider

The only downside of choosing a mascot as your brand logo is controversies. If your brand mascot falls into some controversy then it could hurt your business.

Wordmarks Logo

Wordmark logo is similar to the Lettermark logo and is focused on the letter of the brand name. the only distinct feature with this type of logo is the use of it is the use of full names instead of acronyms. 

Why Choose Wordmarks Logo type?

You can choose the wordmark logo as your business with the following characteristics-

  • A catchy name that is easy to remember
  • A short business name

Things to consider

This type of logo is only for those who have a short name which is easy to remember. If you have a tough to pronounce or longer name then it can backfire.

Combination Logo

A Combination logo is a logo that contains various elements and types of logos. For example- elements like mascot with text, pictorial with text and much more 

Why Choose Combination Logo type?

If your business has the following features then you can use this logo-

  • A startup can choose this logo
  • Businesses with versatile demands 
  • Easy for Trademarking

Things to consider

A combination logo can be hard to put together, which makes it challenging for logo designers.  


Logo designs are very important and require a big amount of effort as it is going to represent you and your business. Choosing the right logo types that match your personality, industry, and business is necessary.

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