Amazing Brand Experience

How to Frame an Amazing Brand Experience for Your Clients?

Brand experience has a lot to do with how your business is going to increase its growth. It basically is how your brand looks in the market. There are two different parts of a person’s personality- one is the public image and the other is the personal image that only close relatives and friends are aware of.

Similarly, brand experience is the public image of your brand and working on the brand experience attracts more customers and increases your brand growth.

In this article, we will help you formulate strategies that can help you in providing your customers with an amazing brand experience but, before that let’s find what’s brand experience definition really is? And why is it important for your business?

What is Brand Experience?

Brand Experience is made up of two words Brand & experience, Brand is the image of your business perceived by people and experience is how they feel about the business.

Brand experience can be defined as the result of the interaction that took place between a brand and its prospective customers. When a person interacts with a brand via various marketing channels, the brand creates a feeling, emotion, and thought in that person. People judge things within seconds and put simply, brand experience is how your brand is being judged by others.

Why Is Brand Experience Important?

Creating memorable experiences for people who are interacting with your brand is essential to eliminate the last-minute doubt that your customer can have.

There are different stages that your customer passes through in order to finally use your product or services. Every business has different levels but, in general terms, there are five states of customer journey, which are as follows-

  • Prospecting
  • Pitch
  • Closure
  • Service
  • Feedback

All these stages are equally important and cannot be overlooked. Brand experience gives the user an idea of what to expect from the brand before making a purchase, and the expectations are evaluated based on the above-mentioned factors.

How is Brand Experience Different from Customer Experience & User Experience?

Since brand experience is how people perceive your brand, it gets implemented from the beginning of the customer journey process. Prospecting is when your customer searches about the service he wants. While searching he/she can come across your brand and the initial experience they are having when interacting with your brand is the experience that matters.  

brand experience, user experience, customer experience

The above image shows you the difference between customer experience, brand experience, and user experience.

Customer Experience

Customer experience is the experience that develops when he/she is buying your product followed by using it.

User Experience

User experience is the experience that focuses on the after-sales service and after using the product.

7 tips on framing the best brand experience strategy for your business

Brand experience is one of the most important factors that helps a brand in its business operations, therefore, having a defined brand experience strategy is necessary for a business to be on the profit side. Here are the top 7 tips on framing the best brand experience strategy for your business-

Become Customer-Oriented

Research shows that a business strategy focused on consumers is more successful than any other business strategy. If you analyze all the successful companies like Apple Inc, Microsoft, Google, etc. are all customer-focused.

To enhance your customer experience you must provide value to your customers and invest time and effort in building customer-oriented products.

Engage with Your Customers

Engaging with your customers using various platforms like social media, chatbots, forums, etc. can make your brand more approachable to your customers. It creates an emotional connection between your brand and your customers that leads to more sales, more promotion, and more opportunities.

It also helps in building a community of supporters who are there for your business to grow and prosper. Big brands try to engage with potential clients whenever possible the primary reason being the more engaged clients are the better chance of the conversion.

Tell a Story

Choose between two- A movie or cooperate speech!

If you are a normal human, you definitely had chosen the movie over the speech, why is that?

Well, the answer is clear. When we watch a movie we tend to get moved by the story of the characters but speech is boring. The same applies to your business when a customer is searching for a product, he or she must have conducted small research around that product.

If you tell the same old pitch that everyone is using then it’s not going to work because it is boring. That’s where storytelling comes into play. The impact of storytelling far exceed your expectation, when you tell a brand story to the clients, then the client is more likely to connect with the brand.

Your branding strategy whether it’s visual branding or any other type of branding, must have some story behind it that can influence your customers.

Add Human Element

When a business communicates with the customers by connecting with them on a social level, it marks a special place in the customer’s heart. Basically, when you talk about them rather than you and your business, it creates a difference that is hard to express.

Whatever your product is, it is meant to be consumed by your customers. So, addressing your customers directly rather than your product in the conversation makes much more sense.  

Work On Customer’s Pain Points

Customer pain points are the points where prospective customers can be experiencing problems. It is not necessary for them to realize it, therefore, it is your duty to make them aware of this fact.

This is where your sales pitch should be strong and focused on these points. Analyzing customer’s pain points helps you in positioning your business in the market and quickly capture the market.

Dan Shewan wrote a detailed article on this topic, you can check it out on the customer’s pain points and how to remove them.

Identify Bottleneck Elements

Bottleneck elements are those elements that are causing a delay in your business progress. When your business is not performing up to the standards of the market needs, then it is more likely to be caused by the bottleneck elements.

If you want to build your customer experience better you must identify the bottleneck elements and try to remove them.

If a brand does not resolve these issues with their business then it could lead to a negative brand experience which is brutal for a business.

You can take the example of Nokia- they used to be the most successful mobile phone manufacturer but they still went out of business. Why?

Nokia refused to change and listen to the market’s needs. They did not address the bottleneck element (i.e. market needs, changing technology) which lead to company closure.

Nokia was once among the most successful mobile phone manufacturers yet, they were marked as a failure, this shows how important it is to identify the bottlenecks in your business. Now, Nokia is back again with new products and redesigned logo design. This time the products match the market needs and address the bottleneck elements.

Be Consistent

Consistency is key when it comes to creating an amazing brand experience. Being consistent on various channels that you use for the business helps in sending a similar message to your customers.

Brand value could be damaged if your business is inconsistent which could lead to damage to the brand image. A brand promotional assets like business card design, poster, flyer, etc. must use the same design, color, typography, etc. in order to be consistent visually.

Memorable Brand Experience with your Customers

“If there’s one reason we have done better than of our peers in the Internet space over the last six years, it is because we have focused like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter, I think, in any business. It certainly matters online, where word of mouth is so very, very powerful.”

Jeff Bezos

Jeff Bezos’s net worth is $130 billion USD making him the richest man in the world. If he is saying providing a great customer experience made him what he is, then it is something that you should also focus on.